3rd Annual Mahasangram 2017, Nepal

The 3rd Annual Mahasangram 2017 was a prestigious International BP Debating Competition hosted by Nepal. The event comprised of 5 days starting from 6th of July and ending on the 10th. The first day was dedicated to an intense training and practice session which had really helped the debaters and adjudicators alike. The entire experience was surreal and beneficial in many ways. Two teams from Mist had participated in this competition with flying colors.

The name of their team was “MIST A” which consisted of me from CSE and Ridhita Binte Borhan from NSE. It was our very first International Tournament.


  1. MISTA broke second into the Quarter Finals.
  2. MISTA was the runners up in the Final Round and both the team members received a certificate and a finalist medal.
  3.  Maliha Sultana , was the 4th best speaker of the tournament in English Category.
Last updated on Wednesday, August 30, 2017